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Saturday Feb 24, 2024

Did the Catholic Church repress French Canada for a century or did it assist in the dispersion of services to the population? Vincent and Jason dig into it. Did Uber destroy the livlihoods of thousands of Montreal taxi drivers or crush a system of privileges that needed ending? Find out how Vincent and Jason originally met and Vincent's testimony to the Quebec government regarding rideshares and taxis. Should Quebec be an independant nation? Vincent points out the only way that can happen is if a very conservative route is taken. Are French-Canadians the most British people in the world?

Tuesday Feb 13, 2024

Economist, Philosopher, and Joker Mike Munger and I dig into the depths of his discipline. What makes people flourish? Mike and Jason talk about what helps the people of the world: a chance to build their own lives. Why are so many people trying to get into the US, Canada, and Europe? What do poverty and wealth mean to regular people? What exactly is the Sharing Economy? Mike explains. Where is this new form of economic activity going? Mike sees nothing but great opportunities, though no one individual of us is smart enough to know what is going to happen. People are smart, and figure out their own futures best if left  alone.

Saturday Nov 11, 2023

Tom and I go toe to toe on how the mainstream media is circling the drain, and how the Wire Season 5 was prophetic in predicting this collapse. Siebert deconstructs the Big Lie in Wire S05, his own underestimation of The Wire, and what the Wire did so well and not so well. If the truth is a moving target, is current journalism up to the task of setting its sights on it? Is Craigslist guilty of collapsing conventional newspaper revenue?

Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Mark Gabriel - painter, musician, bass player, and one of my oldest friends.  We go deep into where inspiration comes from as well as the  music  that defines us. From our childhood experience seeing the Clash at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto through his many indy groups, and now his solo career as a musician in Mexico, we drill down. I loved  this one and it promises to be the first of many! 

Saturday Oct 28, 2023

Me and John Hamer mixing it up about the Great Thomas Sowell, originally published on the Likeville Podcast.

Thursday Oct 12, 2023

What does it mean to be an authentic musician? Chris waxes poetic about his time on the scene in NYC, London, and Montreal as well as his friendships and connection with the heavies: Blondie (with whom, in bed, he watched TV one afternoon), Johnny -- rotting inside -- Thunder, William Burroughs and many more. What's with the deranged-radical left? Chris and I get into free speech, Donald Trump and the decline of the CBC.

Monday Oct 02, 2023

Never before in history has there been such a constant craving for comedy. Why is this happening? From Aristophanes to Gilbert Gottfried, Nick traces the history of comedy, the cultural phenomenon of which is assured by the certainty that human beings love to laugh.

Monday Aug 07, 2023

Child prodigy, producer, jazz musician - jazz critic, author, Renaissance Man Nick Catalano has rubbed shoulders with all the greats, has been an integral part of the New York cultural scene for half a century.

Friday May 19, 2023

This episode was published in 2022. The terrible and sad shock of Tanya's passing in March, 2023  has led Megablast to republish this episode. Dedicated to a wonderful mother, wife, and political organizer. God rest her soul. The original description read as follows: 
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- the art of normalizing betrayal. Vaccine hypocrisy. The beautiful and the damned retreating from the abyss of political correnctness. In each others crosshairs: conservative and libertarian movements scrap it out. Will the Conservative Party co-opt populist principles as a winning formula? Will Eric Duhaime's and the new Conservative Party of Quebec explode the Quebec political landscape.

Sunday Mar 19, 2023

Despite living for three years with a progressively crippling neurological disorder (ALS), Serge Ouimet focuses on fully appreciating the moment rather than fretting about his condition. The podcast you are about to listen to bristles with humour and insight into the human condition touching on subjects dear to him: his relationship with Montreal, his ten years as a night-time taxi driver through the 80s, his love of music and the visual arts as well as exploring the world of ideas with a large circle of good friends and correspondents. He describes himself as an atheist with a profound sense of wonder at all the beauty and mystery of existence. 

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

Does anyone care about the Awards in the 2020s? Should we? What is the deal with Satan these days, is he just another dude, or is creative transgression just not a thing anymore? How well is Madonna ageing? Liz & Jason get into it. Plus: How beautiful is it to be alive? Jason praises life and Liz responds in a drole fashion, to create a diabolically good listening experience.. + much more! :)  

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Montreal Legend Leonard Cohen's wonderful work The Stranger Song. Deconstructed by non-legend lol Montrealers  Ken Doolittle & Jason Mcdonald.

Thursday Mar 02, 2023

Sloppy and Depressed: Ken and I introduce the podcast and dig into Open Heart Surgery by the Brian Jonestown Massacre. 

Wednesday Mar 01, 2023

What makes a truly great song? Rhythm? Guitars? Vocal work? Lyrics? How do the elements mix together to create a deep experience? What moves us to sublime beauty, to revulsion? Ken and Jason dig deep. Artists include: Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, Fiona Apple, Bonnie Prince Billy, and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. As well: I surprise Ken with a French Canadian classic by Les Colocs, and he's inspired to share Rip Rig + Panic (Featuring Neneh Cherry). Then: at the very end: we return to the root, to the father of Rock n Roll, and break it down. Can anyone guess? Winners get a chance to be on Megablast! A must listen! 

Saturday Jan 21, 2023

Today we flip the script on the Megablast Podcast: John Woolfrey interviews me on living and travelling in different parts of the world. What does it take to be a world traveller? How wild is Eastern Europe? Does everyone go through a life-changing experience visiting Hiroshima? We dig into it. Plus: what is it like to learn Slovak? What is it like crossing the fortified Greco-Turkish border? Jason tells all, and more! :)

Monday Jan 16, 2023

How much strength does it take to live with bipolar disorder? What does it feel like? John Jordan tells it like it is, what it is like to be on a manic high and then the subsequent crash. Plus: what was it like to be in a touring rock band? He discusses touring with his band - Me, Mom, & Morgentaler. What does it mean to be NDG (West End Montreal 'hood) proud? John explains some of the amazing contributions he has made to his beloved neighbourhood; and much more! :)

Friday Dec 23, 2022

Liz and I hash out the Twitter situation and Musk. Why do so many people hate that guy? We dig into it. Also: in part 2 of this podcast we go through some interesting observations from listeners regarding our discussion on Jian Ghomeshi and Will Smith. 

Thursday Nov 24, 2022

Martin and Jason deconstruct Tintin, arguably animation's first global role model. But is the intrepid boy reporter guilty as accused: sexist, racist? Are women justifiably under represented in the Tintin canon? Do we admire the curiosity and retreat from the conceits? Was Tintin a visionary, a freedom fighter for whom the Nazi and fascists agendas were non-starters? Is he still the hero he once was, and should parents want to acquaint their children with Tintin's legacy? In this conversation, Martin and Jason share personal views and their knowledge of the Boy Reporter for his first 20 years up to the early 50s.

Friday Nov 04, 2022

Join the author of 'The Ugly' as we go toe to toe on the Freedom Convoy, philosophy, and the war in Ukraine. What are the differences between Buddhism and Christianity? How is Asia different from Europe and America? What is the pecking order of the different slavic nations? Alexander digs deep and Jason tries to keep up, see if you can! :_)

Tuesday Oct 25, 2022

Travel back in time as Robert and I discuss the unimaginable poverty of Montreal during the transition from the Victorian to the Edwardian era. We also delve into the complex ways in which our cherished city differs from that era to our own, as well as what resonates today. Also the genesis of the St. Pat's annual parade. A must listen for Montrealers of any age,as well as history buffs from all socks and walks of life, and those already familiar with or planning to explore our beautiful and culturally diverse city,
Nota Bene:During the conversation, Robert was not sure if there was mention of St Patrick's day. After checking the historical record, he discovered that there was indeed a parade in 1901.

Saturday Oct 22, 2022

Did the #metoo movement go too far? What do gender and sex mean in 2022? From Jian Ghomeshi to Will Smith, what has been happening to masculinity and femininity while no one was looking? Liz and Jason dissect these issues and much more -- and how Red China fits in. 

Friday Oct 21, 2022

Never mind the bollocks - here’s Jason and DJ Martin Deck going toe to toe about which Canadian city produces the best music: Montreal, Toronto or Detroit? They figure it out. And finally: what is reggae and punk? Where did they come from? Martin’s expertise shines and Jason guides the talk to an interesting conclusion about Caribbean, Canadian, the UK and modern pop music. ‘

Monday Oct 17, 2022

How close were we to disaster during the Oka Crisis of 1990? Hear Albert describe how he and photographer Robert Galbraith literally did what the Canadian Military brass claimed was Mission Impossible: they boldly snuck through no-man’s land with a camera, and then made two award winning films about it. What is ‘laughology’ and how did the the 1965 Tanzanian laughing epidemic start? Hear Albert talk about going  the to make his documentary on the subject. Also discussed: wokism, the clash of generations, and how much talent there is yet to be tapped into. Albert waxes poetic while Jason tries to keep up in a deep dive that flies by.

Wednesday Oct 12, 2022

It's been 30 years since his Juno award winning album was released. Is there a life after fame and misfortune? Living in the fast lane as a rocker in Montreal to making a life as a musician and content producer in Ireland: the secret of transitioning. Sonny talks about his life as a musician growing up under the shadow of his father Sonny Greenwich Sr., regarded as one of the great jazz guitarists of all time. He was nominated for Juno award for most promising group of the year and Bootsauce had multiple gold albums in Canada and many awards.

Monday Oct 10, 2022

Music is your friend... until the end. TAZ and Jason go head to head on everything from drummers Keith Moon and Charlie Watts to what the complexities of the Beastie Boys and Les Colocs. TAZ expands on ways of getting to a deeper understanding of music by listening to it and how that leads to further musical disovery (what TAZ calls the 'discovery phase'). Both share their takes on the collective (un)conciousness of Québec and how it relates to music through such artists as Plume Latraverse, Les Colocs, and Leonard Cohen, and how that music allieviated homesickness while living broad for both TAZ and Jason.

Sunday Oct 09, 2022

Lead singer of the 222s, Montreal's first punk band, Chris tells it the way it was: life in the fast lane with the beautiful and the damned; with a nod to Bowie, the tranny, bi drug scene, the music racket, from basement bacchanalias to the corner vomitorium, and against all the odds and oddballs, the inimitable Chris Barry isn't dead.

Roots of War: Haiti and the DR

Saturday Oct 08, 2022

Saturday Oct 08, 2022

Is Haiti on the verge of collapse? Is it a failed state? What are the consequences for the Dominican Republic of the instablity in Haiti? What are the effects of the many thousands of Haitian migrants living in the DR? How effectively are they integrated into Dominican society? Join Milton and Jason on a deep dive discussion into the current state of affairs and the historical background.

Thursday Oct 06, 2022

Roy Eappen: Quebec Conservative Party candidate calls for radical health reform, which includes empowering non-doctors. Why are qualified doctors driving Uber? He is calling for constructive decentralization. Is this code for going private, that the well-to-do will be first in line and everyone else has to wait it out in emergency rooms bursting at the seams? Not so, he insists, and explains in this podcast that cross examines his basic assumptions. Do his claims that the media is trying to cancel the conservative party stand up to scrutiny.

Monday Oct 03, 2022

Kristian Gravenor: Election Quebec. Beware of the tyranny of the majority writes de Tocqueville (Democracy in America). Are the English getting hammered again? Can we expect another exodus to the rest of Canada? Is Legault drunk on power? Do the Liberals have to reinvent themselves? How important is charisma in the digital age? Note: this is the first in our regular meetings regarding all things Montreal, Québécois, and Canadian. 


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